I thought I'd share some booties I ordered. I'm having the blessing/curse of multiple options being comfortable.

I was looking for something casual and comfortable for lots of walking, almost an "urban hiking" boot but with a bit more style and refined edge than the usual combat style. See pics 13-17 for my current neutral boots that currently serve as my "urban hikers": 13 Ugg moto boots, 14 Aquitalia snow boots, 15 Doc Marten grey distressed (I've since cleaned them, they take a beating in TX), 16 Sorel snow boots, 17 Ugg Cortona Chelsea boots (convert to tall boots with spats).

Find #1 Sorel wedge boots are cute, but a bit stiff at the front of the ankle. They were not as comfortable as the others, so they're already boxed up to return.

Find #2 (pics 1-4)Sorel heeled boots. So comfortable! Easy to get on and off. Casual but with edge. I think I love these.

Find #3 (pics 5-8) I blame Una. These are not urban hikers, obvi. She posted these for me, and since I was placing an order with Zappos, I decided to try them. Surprisingly comfortable, and so pretty. However, oddly enough they don't *match* stuff in my closet! Weird, right? The color is so me, but all of my items seem to be either more blue or more green, not this shade. Of course they would go with neutral outfits, but they are dressy and pretty limited in wear, so I'm not sure I can justify them.

Find #4 is a pair of Fly Londons that will arrive next week. They are up for a tough battle against the Sorel heeled boots.

Pics 9-12 (sorry, can't make a Find for some reason). Impulse try-on of another pair of Fly Londons. Love the colors, and practical because they're casual and work well with jeans. Very comfortable and walkable. ETA: here is a link to them: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d.....#038;psc=1

I've just tried these on with my workout leggings, so not styled.

I welcome thoughts, feedback...

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