Hi everyone, sorry to drop in with a question after not much participation for a while. Life has just been crazy but I have been following along and would really appreciate opinions to save me from a very expensive potential mistake.

I was a very early adopter of the cropped and cropped flare with tall shaft booties, so I wanted to take advanced of NAS this year to to update my boots for a something else. I have Blundstones and Fryes and the tall shaft booties from last year, but really had my heart set on OTK boots to wear with skinnies, which suddenly appeal again. Unfortunately , I realized after struggling trying OTK on, they just don't work for me, the hassle of getting them on and off a dozen times a day running in and out at home will drive me bonkers, and they'll never get worn. Not a good fit for my lifestyle. Sigh.

But, I bought these La Canadienne instead, waterproof, which is great for our rainy winters, and they give the same sleek look as OTK but are knee high and with zippers go on and off in a sec. They fit sleek to my calfs and give a similar look. But knee highs are dated, non? Am I going backwards? Even on sale they're still pricey so I don't want to make a mistake. Thoughts?