So, I've had blue hair for a little over a year now (which makes me so very happy, because I'd been wanting it for about a decade!) and in all this time, I have failed to acquire any blue shoes. I think 2020 will be the year I get a pair. Or two. Or three.

Here are a few I'm looking at, which fit pretty well into my shopping list for the year. I wanted oxfords and leather flats, and the loafers aren't explicitly listed, but I've been wanting a pair for quite a long time (and look super comfortable, which is priority #1 for me when it comes to shoes). I'm especially swooning over the flats because I've been really digging the snakeskin trend (I have snakeskin combat boots and booties and a snakeskin blouse from my fall shopping last year).

I'm curious if anyone else has a wild hair color and shoes to match! Or if anyone has in the past.