Greetings YLF Friends:
If you remember, back in late April/early May I posted my first book review on Anna Harvey's "Timeless Style". I was not thrilled with the book at all and compared it to 3 others that I liked more. I was also thrilled that other Friends chimed in with books that they recommended. If you missed it, check out the review and recommended books by YLF Friends here.

So today I am back with Book Review #2: George Brescia's " Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life (because you can't go naked)".
I enjoyed this book as both a fun and easy read. He has a quirky sometimes silly or campy sense of humor that weaves through the chapters. He does wax philosophical at times especially in Chapter One :The Secret Language of Clothing like when he says ," The messages carried by your clothing don't only travel outward- they also boomerang their way back to you, affecting your deepest sense of self and identity." or "that you can use fashion to become present in your life". I felt he was speaking to me with his comment about "the eye prefers harmony or we let fear rules our actions or lack thereof".
Chapters 2 and 3 introduces you to his approach and offers checklists while Chapter 4 offers a tutorial on color for all you folks that find that is your weak area. Chapter 5 was somewhat disappointing but probably because this is my weak area- the closet. His suggestions were good but I felt like he could have gone into more depth. The remainder of the book speaks to shopping, grooming and becoming "the change you seek".
He warns of falling back on comfort zones and challenges the reader to always present a "perfect 10" whether at work or play. I should probably make up cards with some of his comments and hang it near my closet for pep talks.
All in all- I liked it as a fun fashion read to lead into Summer's heavier reads.

My next review will be A Rees' "The Curated Closet."

As always- this is my opinion and others may feel differently. Look forward to hearing from you and would love more fashion book recommendations from all of you!!!! Thanks!