Hi YLF Friends-
I told you I would get back to you with a review of Anna Harvey’s book “ Timeless Style “. Considering she is a fashion expert ( vogue) and this book was published in 2016, it was a huge disappointment. Do not waste your time or money on old ideas.
The stellar advice it offered included:
Pg 55- “a down coat with a hood is ideal for bad weather “. You don’t say?
Pg 73-“If you like wearing sandals, they don’t work with tights.” Really?
Or this one was just great......
Pg 34- “ I bought an A-line skirt the other day- a bit dowdy, I have to say.”
I found myself screaming at the book- YOU ARE A FASHION EXPERT- WHY DID YOU JUST BUY A DOWDY SKIRT???
At least in Genevieve Dariaux’s book “ A Guide to Elegance “ you know you are reading a book written in the early 60s and it is a fun and nostalgic snapshot of the advice of that time. Harvey’s book is just tired not Timeless.
I much preferred the following:
“ You Are What You Wear” by clinical psychologist Jennifer Baumgartner who offers an easy and insightful read as to why we do what we do fashion wise. Or
“Forever Chic” by Tish Jett a fashion journalist living in France, who offers a reader an opportunity to “sit with the average French woman while she spills the beans on everything from fashion to facials”. Her women are real and their words wonderful; it is not just another what French women wear book.
As always- this is just my opinion. I may be wrong ( have been before, will be in the future)