Rachy brought up a point that I relate too very strongly on today's blog post. I am a lot more physically and emotionally comfortable wearing a supportive bra because the boobs don't move. They can hurt when they are unsupported - especially right before that time of the month.

I also feel self-conscious when the boobs move in public - and I don't have a large bust. It personally feels too alluring some how. I must wear a supportive bra at all times, apart from when I sleep. My swimwear must feel very supported too.

I don't know what that says about my personality or my boobs. Traditional, controlling, old-fashioned, prudish, habitual, lack confidence, demure, have weak bust muscles, too many hormonal imbalances, submitting to societal norms, not being enough of a feminist - who knows. But it is what it is, and I listen to these feelings.

I stand up straight, my shoulders are back and I expand my chest, so I'm not self-conscious about my bust - as long as it is supported in public. I LOVE pretty bras, and feel fab wearing them. They make me feel good about my body. I remember desperately wanting to wear a pretty matching lace set when I was little because I love the look so much. (I've always loved lace, and love pretty things). I also like to show bras off a little with the right top or dress because they are beautiful items of clothing. After all, it's a bra and not a boob, and the flesh is covered.

There are no right and wrong answers - simply preferences and different feelings. Horses for courses, always. All thoughts welcome, and I know you'll be sensitive about expressing them.