It's funny what discovering free shipping can do to you. Coupled with a
sale, and also discovering a few items you're interested don't have
duties applied...

Sigh. Firmly committed to No Buy August now! (My definition is when the money is spent, not when the clothes arrive)

To my defense, a couple of these ARE on my list of wardrobe holes, and fully "allowed" to enter my closet come fall.

1. Munro Robyn's (blame Jackie for this one). Black booties suitable for skirts/dresses and pants are needed - my current ones are almost dead. Was going to get the SE Petty's, but I love the v front in these - my navy booties are like this and are so flattering with dresses.
2. EF V neck stretch knit top - I knew I wanted an asymmetrical black tunic sweater once I purchased a navy one (Joie) last year. Ordered two sizes, so am committed to a return. But worth the peace of mind.
3. Plione split neck top - this is a new pattern, and I really like it. Not needed, not necessary... but should go into fall with black toppers. Ordered a size down from my black one, which is "voluminous" to say the least, (but can get away with it because of the style/cut) so fingers crossed.
4. Plione mixed media tunic - just because I like the split neck so much, want to try the "winter" version. Ordered two colours, one may go back.

OK and I guess I should 'fess up that I also got another sweater on the "spend $100 get $50 off" sale at BR a few days ago. It's our silk anniversary, so I was buying DH a silk sweater - seemed to only make sense to try to spend the $100...