>>>Vix, I agree, others need to post some pix too! So do you consider yourself partially bombshell or not? I do love your feminine style!

Hi again GP and other bombshells, bombshell-lites, ambivalent bombshells, and onlookers!

GP, I find myself dithering when trying to answer your question! [And thank you.]

I think bottom line I can't "own" the category name no matter what its modifiers.

Because I absolutely use the style persona names to help me shop and put together outfits, I need to be really comfortable with all their overall societal connotations, my own interpretation of the word(s), and how they fit with my personality elements.

In the end I'm not comfortable with Bombshell variations, feel too constrained by Modern Classic, and am really too reined in for the Artistic Eclectic group -- though I stuck myself into that thread, ha.

Probably explains why I came up with my own style personas a few years back that feel 100% me. [With apologies to those who've read this a million times: Minimalist Magpie, Contrarian Classicist, and Persnickety Bohemian.]

That said, some of my outfits -- or at least 1 or more of the items in the outfits -- may fit into the spectrum of bombshell as forum members have defined it...demure to business and beyond.

I do appreciate/wear a fair amount of:

-- knits/jersey that are form-fitting +/- draping +/- rouching

-- vintage or repro looks that are very feminine -- pencil skirts, sarong dresses, cloche hats, flounces or ruffles, items with a "goddess-y" undercurrent

-- prints or patterns that aren't very unisex...including animal prints

BOMBSHELL, UR DOING IT WRONG elements of my looks:

-- Often RATE hair, little obvious makeup, nails frequently a hot mess from chores or DIY projects (or laziness)

-- Clunky shoes/boots since I walk tons in my heels

-- Something random -- be it whimsical, severe, or boho -- paired with the element that might be bombshell

-- too messy, hotheaded, and vulgar to be a demure bombshell

-- too cautious, modest, and uninterested in being a femme fatale to own the other end of the spectrum

In the interest of furthering discussion, some items from my closet -- depending on your interpretation "Bombshell" content may vary

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Natalie, in thinking about your question I think it's the combo of form fitting and skirt and waist def that I find challenging. Since I don't have either a defined waist or hips, it is hard to create the illusion of both. I find it easier to obscure and let people imagine there is a figure under there, rather than attempt to create what isn't there! If I wore a peplum sheath dress it would bombshell me - but can you see me in a peplum sheath dress? This is what I meant about personality and I'm wondering which came first, the personality or the style?

You called?

Yes, I identify with the bombshell style persona. But I've come to realize a lot of things that bombshell style doesn't HAVE to go hand in hand with. It doesn't have to be all about sex appeal; I've been happily in a relationship with B. for years and haven't had the least interest in soliciting other male attention. It doesn't have to mean maximum exposure; the Bailey 44 dress is a very bombshell look, in my opinion, but it's also very covered. It doesn't have to mean trying to be the center of attention; you can be demure AND dress in waist-defining pieces that create an hourglass shape

That's just my take on the matter.