Ventured into my local consignment shop today and brought home a few tops — two cashmere tees and a first floral tee. And then the Madewell boilersuit was waiting for me when I got home. Would love to know what you all think; all are returnable and I do have my share of hesitations. I’m trying to move the needle a bit and if I have to file these under “lesson learned” that’s fine.

1. Boilersuit — it fits quite well and is so very soft. However, I’m not sure I have the energy to field housepainter/Ghostbusters comments every time I wear it, so it may go back.

I also tried the denim version, which was quite a bit longer in the torso despite being the same size and otherwise identical to the white. The droopy-crotch effect was bad enough that I will not be posting a pic for you all.

2. Dark olive cashmere tee — this one I will almost certainly keep unless you all tell me otherwise!

3. Camel cashmere tee — I’d love to diss out light neutrals for myself and other folks make this colour look so good. It reads as a creamy cafe au lair on its own, but seems to turn slightly lentil-coloured when I’m wearing it? I would probably style it with black denim most of the time, which would probably be better than the blush jeans, but I’m not sure it’s a keeper. Also, the sleeves have a slight puff to them which I know is in right now but I’m not sure I love it.

3 — Amour Vert floral tee. This is a really nice, soft, sturdy fabric and I love the idea of the tiny mustard-yellow flowers on black. But it’s been a long time since I wore a scoop neck and I’m not sure I like them! The combo of the sleeve length and neckline seems to be emphasizing my shoulders in a way I’ve never encountered (or noticed?) before. It was cheap as chips though, and I’m a bit tempted to chop off the sleeves and turn it into a tank top.

ETA a few extra photos of the two questionable tops. This is more or less how I’d wear the camel cashmere if I keep it. It’s rare for me to wear short sleeves on their own; almost always use them as a layer, and if it’s hot enough to not need layers I usually go for sleeveless...

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