As you can see in the pictures, I'm an IT, but I feel I have a secondary body type as well. Probably rectangle/vase shape? (My waist is crooked from scoliosis.)

If you have any styling or outfit suggestion, please don't hesitate to share! I've always felt I have a boyish silhouette, and I'd like to look more feminine when I get dressed. As clothing today tends to be quite loose and boxy, I don't want to look outdated if I wear more feminine pieces. Thus, how could I create a more balanced and feminine silhouette while still looking up to date? (I have very small breasts and bum too.)

Also I would love to hear your suggestions for a maxi/midi dress for my shape. I'm looking to purchase a custom made long cotton day dress, but am still determining which neckline, length, loose or fitted, straight or flare skirt, etc. Something that is very versatile and easy to wear.

Thank you for your help!