You scored three wonderful additions to your winter wardrobe! I think all three look fab on you, including the burgundy, which I especially love styled with the skirt. Wear and enjoy!

Yes to all - especially the PINK. Kudos!

Gorgeous! Love all three on you!

Windchime - I am happy to have these, as when I did my end of winter closet edit my sweaters were all looking a bit sad. So it is nice to have these new ones to replace the ones that I got rid of.

Gretchen - this pink colour is fun.

Shevia - So glad that you like all three. It is pretty rare that I do so well, especially with online purchasing which normally I find disappointing, with either the quality, fit or style not working for me.

Keep them all, a smashing haul, you are a lucky girl!:-)

All three sweaters are wonderful on you. I particularly like the burgundy. I'm curious- is your pink sweater the "garden rose' colour? That's the only pink option available on the website now but it looks very different on my screen than your sweater does.

Belladogga, it looks like they've updated the color assortment of those sweaters with the new rollout this week. The sweater she's wearing is probably now under the sale section.

Gorgeous choices! I have that striped sweater, but in burgundy. I hope you are keeping them all!

Lyn - yes I am keeping them all

Belladogga - my sweater is pop pansy colour, which is now in the clearance section.

Christina - I hope you are enjoying your Boden sweaters and I will keep them all.

I love the whole look of the first one! Keep hauling!

I had the pop pansy color in my cart forever. It is now sold out.

They all look great, but my love is given to the pink. That pink would make anyone happy. Your clients will love it!

Thanks Bijou and Christina. Found it. I'm thinking of getting the sweater but, for me, I actually prefer the new pink, Garden Rose, so didn't want to order and get the Pop Pink.

Minah Lynn - yes, the pink is such a fun and bright colour which is great for me because most of my knits are currently neutrals.

Fashintern - have you checked the clearance section of the Boden website? They have moved the clearance knitwear from the Finds link.

Jenni NZ - not so sure about my clients (who are mainly men) but my female colleagues will love it! I work with a great team and the girls are fun and fashion forward.

Belladogga - that Garden Rose colour is very pretty, I have to stop looking at the Boden website as otherwise I would be tempted to buy more colours...

Belladogga, glad you found it! Sorry to have provided incorrect info.