I am so sorry that you weren’t able to get the coat.
I can feel your sorrow through the Internet.
But chin up and stay strong! There WILL be other coats and they will be just as fab as this one!

Fingers & toes crossed for the new order of yummies. I’m sorry the others didn’t work.

I'm not normally a Boden fan but the coat and dress are, indeed, wonderful. Sorry about your profound disappointment and every good wish for the petite coat to work out.

Oh! I’m interested how the leopard jacket works out. I love the rounded edges on the lapels. And the swinginess. Retro! I love the red and the telephone booth shade would work fine for me. Very keen.

I think I might get the navy top too.

But it’s still a bit early for me.

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definitely a bummer ! The inconsistency is the part that bugs me the most, where you can’t count on the same size across different garments by the same company. I guess there are always different shapes and cuts so some of it is to be expected but the lack of consistency just seems so nuts to me. You must listen to your own sage advice Angie, and be patient :-). I can’t tell you how many times I repeat that advice to myself, it is so soothing and so true.

The dress and coat are so spectacular. I hope the petite fits. And your other items.

Ugh, I hate that! I'm often sized out on the small end of things too, and it can be very painful at times.

I just placed my first order from Boden, for the Eliza dress. I got it yesterday and was so excited...until I put it on. Too big, just like your coat. And it's a size 2P, so I can't go any smaller. It was such a beautiful dress.

This is not good news at all. I’m so sorry your items didn’t work out.
I’m also a bit nervous about a rather large Boden order I have on its way to me right now. Five dresses (all on clearance, so not current stock) ordered in a size 8 UK.
My measurements are in line with their size 8 on the size chart plus I went with the reviews that Suz so graciously offered on her purchases. I really hope this is not a pattern on Boden’s part. Do you think there is any difference in the sizing between the UK and the US? From looking at the chart the only difference is the way the chart translates the sizes. I would imagine they are manufactured in the same location.
According to the US size chart I would be a 4 and I generally wear a 0 regular in BR even though I am only 5’3”.
I guess I will have to wait and see right along with you!

How disappointing! Hopefully the other items you ordered will work out. I hate it when stores change their sizing, and fingers crossed that that hasn’t happened.

So sorry Angie. You were the first person I thought of when I saw that coat.

Tina - I found spring and fall dresses to be TTS. Hope they work for you.

I do wonder if they are playing with proportion a bit too much this season. Had to return 2 sweaters as I was swimming in them, but others were fine. Maybe it’s an item-by-item choice?

So disappointed for you, Angie! I was looking forward to seeing you wear those beauties! So exactly your colours and style.

It does sound as if the sizing may be a little different this autumn from what others have reported about some of the knits. I am looking forward to hearing more.

I do think it's worth trying some petites just in case. With free returns, there is nothing to lose. In terms of length, some items might work anyway, and some might have seam allowance -- it's worth a check.

Gigi -- I am sad you were sized out, too. Very frustrating.

Tina, I think you'll be okay with those clearance items. I'm pretty much the same size as you. 5' 4" and a 0 at BR for shirts and jackets (2 for most bottoms). I found that the Boden UK 8 regular worked for the sleeved dresses, both knit and woven. I needed the 8 for my shoulders which are square. I ordered and kept one dress in UK 8 tall, for a midi length, and that worked well.

The woven sleeveless dresses were trickier. One in the 8 was too wide all over. I could have altered but wasn't crazy about the colour. Another was simply the wrong cut -- the lining was snug in the hips but the top part was huge! For the wovens with wider skirts, I ordered UK 6 or UK 6 petite. I needed the smaller size because otherwise the bust and waist would have been too large.

I feel your pain. I am sized out at the low end of most retail offerings it severely limits the stores I can shop at. Even then I often buy things that are too big for me.

How very annoying Angie. I hope that the next package works out better. I am interested seeing what you think of the animal print jacket, and the other items. There was an animal print a couple of years ago, but the quality of the fabric didn't seem quite right to me, so I resisted. Fingers crossed for your new package!

Really hoping that the petite coat gives you the perfect fit, given it was huge all over, I am optimistic. It is a stunning piece. I bought the same Boden blazers as you and the quality is exceptional, so I can only imagine how disappointed when these two beauties did not fit.

So disappointing. Keeping fingers crossed for your next order. I checked coat reviews on austrian site and they all mentioned coat being too big, so there is a hope that it is juss coat and not general issue.
Just last night I started collecting various Boden items in my cart, planning a huge order for fall. Not much overlap with your order except this striped Muriel sweater. But I am still contemplating few more items and waiting on your top picks

So sorry this happened! I did notice that the actual garment measurements of the color block dress seemed a bit off. I usually wear a US6 or US8 in Boden, but was contemplating a US4 in that one dress, based on the garment measurements. Hopefully it’s just an issue with that one style.

That is very sad Angie. That coat is so you. Boden has some great pieces this fall. I like the leopard jacket I will wait to hear your review. I have no idea of the sizing of Boden.

What a bummer! Boden sends me catalogs even though I've never bought anything from them, and have never found anything I really wanted to order from them, but I saw that coat in the recent catalog and took a long look at it, it's such a beauty. I hope that the petite works out, even if it seems like a long shot.

Sad news Angie!

Tina I got a UK10/US6 in the Boden Eleanor, despite only fitting in the chest measurement according to the sizing chart (i.e.,waist and hips too big) It fitted fine, with plenty of ease. I've been burnt before by sizing charts - almost always indicate a bigger size than I should wear.

Reading with great interest as I have just become a Boden fan. I am ordering sale items from last season - the green and navy polka dot blazer in Angie’s finds for one. The 6P is almost the most perfect garment I have ever put on, but I agree with others about slight tightness in the shoulders. I haven’t tried any pants from boden yet.
At 5’4 and curvy I am maddeningly not exactly petite, but sleeves are always too long on a regular garment, but those Boden sleeves hit me just right in the petite. I have sizes ranging from 2R to 6P in my closet right now from BR, Loft, JCrew, EF and Boden, am others. My sizes were misses at NAS this year - Wit &Wisdom is all over the place, the Kut Diana didn’t work. Tired of returning!
That blue coat is really so gorgeous. Fingers crossed that the petite is magical for you, Angie!

Bummer, beautiful coat. Maybe the petite will work, although the sleeve length could be a problem. Can’t hurt to try!

From time to time I see a Boden item I like and wish I could try it, but the return costs are daunting for me, and as another 00-0 I'm in the "sized-out" danger zone, which means my orders have high "return risk." So I'm still waiting to take the Boden plunge. I would have to see several items I love, order them all, and have hope one will fit and be fab and make the return cost of the others worth it. Just hasn't happened yet.

Another option would be to come and stay with my mother awhile. We have been here a few weeks and I am up five pounds...

Thanks, ladies. You are ALL soooo nice. It's only clothes. We can live and get on with the joy that life has to offer

I ordred the petite blue coat, JUST to be complete about it. Thanks for the nudge Suntiger, kkards and Suz.

YES, Smittie. You're dead right. If this one doesn't work out, I'll find another fabulous pastel coat! I'll let you know what I think of those Retro jackets.

, I'll let you know about the animal print jacket too. I'm into brown this year - and you wear the animal print SO well.

Chris987, I'm very patient with my wardrobe - and wish I was as patient in other areas of my life

Tina, Boden items are the same in the UK and in the US. Hope your clearance dresses work out.

Oh no, Gigi. That's not a good sign. Lets hope it's a once off size dilemma.

Gretchen, YES. I remember your recent post on the too big pullovers. Oh, boy. Sizing is all over the place, isn't it?

Suz, YOUR Boden sizes are inconsistent too. You're straddling the line between regular and petite - tricky. But you're hitting the Boden jackpot so you're getting it right. Well done. Tenacity.

Mel, we are the same size. Are you petite?

Kathie, order that dress is a size US4.

Angie, I'm a couple inches shorter than you but I have regular proportions and long arms, so petite sizes rarely work for me. Usually feel a bit tight in the shoulders and armpits, or too short or loose in the torso. I occasionally use petite midi and maxi skirts but petite above-knee skirts are too short. Petite dresses are hit and miss because of the proportions on top.

Looking forward to seeing how the Boden petite coat fits on you! Both colors are absolutely stunning. I'm not a fan of colorblock but this coat really steals the show.

I am so sorry your try on session was disappointing. I am crossing my fingers for you that the petite size works for you! I will be anxiously awaiting your update!

Angie, I’m sorry your coat didn’t fit. I’ve known bitter disappointment, so I think I understand how you feel, but maybe not.

I am sorry they did not fit and hope the coat is better it the petite.

So sorry they didn’t work out, Angie. Hopefully it was a fluke and you’ll have better luck with the next shipment, and perhaps the petite coat.

LOL, Scarlet.

I love the look of the leopard jacket and hope that one works out. The petite coat may surprise you. Isn't it confusing why consumers have to demand size diversity from the companies that want our money?