I am giving “ Angie’s “ leopard coat a spin.

A coupe years ago I got a “ leopard “ print coat but in colors of burgundy + navy. I loved the style and fit ( it also had a funnel type neckline) and that it was subtle, just fun, but it turned out to be much harder to mix with my wardrobe colors than I had imagined , so I finally let it go.

I was attracted to this coat because of the “ darker” color mix which I think is more within my comfort zone ( as well as coloring) than the tawnier prints, but it’s still in neutral and “ sorta natural “ colors.
It fits well I think, but I had one unexpected issue that I’ll toss out:
the shiny snaps took me by surprise !
I think they’re actually darkened metal, but they’re not “ flat black” so they can reflect a lot of light in bright light. I wear my coats open a lot so I have to think whether the line of snaps down the front will bother me, as I had expected more “ symmetrical “ look when worn open. They don’t show up as much in the stock photo of the leopard version though of course you can see them on the pink coat.

OTOH it fits well closed also and there the hidden snaps are an advantage!

I did some more tryons because I think there’s a “ target outfit “ for this coat, for me. It’s super proportions with pants + sweaters that don’t really layer under a blazer that well, or that blazer- jacket isn’t warm enough- that’s a winter staple outfit for me and my colors are typically black, navy, many shades of gray, berries, teal and all go great with the coat. I haven’t tried with jeans but feel that’s a no- brainer, and weekend errands- wear with jeans and sweaters would be fun. This is where I’d play with colors, pattern- mixing,

So my noodling questions are:
—will the snaps bother me? I think I’m adapting to them just as I do more tryons.

-It’s not as good with skirts, just due to length, but that’s true of all similar length coats. I do have a “ coat capsule “ for warmth and proportions issues.
— the work comfort zone issue: I think I can handle it! That’s where the darker, lower- contrast colors help me and the more classic trim fit AND that I would be wearing it over pretty “ calm” outfits for going to work. But obviously it has a different vibe than a solid neutral or classic tweed or check, and if I don’t wear it on weekdays I can’t really justify it in my wardrobe

Angie, or some other fabbers who may have this coat in this or other colors- any thoughts welcome!

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