The Boden Conker Cashmere Cardigan arrived today. The delivery time was very quick. I ordered it on January 1 which was a holiday. Returns are difficult from Canada and I knew this when I ordered it.

Colour - The Conker colour is as pictured. I would describe it as rust. There is a strong orange undertone in it mixed with brown. It is definitely an Autumn colour if you are into Seasons. Very earthy. It looks good with both blue and black jeans.

Size - The cardigan appears to be true to size. I am usually a Small and that is what I ordered. The sweater fits me like it does the model. The length is the same on me as the model. I am 5'7".

Material - The cashmere is lovely and soft. It feels nice against my skin. I will probably wear a layer under it but I could wear it with a cami and bare arms.

Style - Yes well now this is where I need to do some thinking. I may just wear it with an ivory cami or T-shirt and maybe a scarf and hope it works. Or do it all the way up with some top buttons undone, add a scarf and hope it doesn't look too vavoomy.

Hope this helps anyone considering something in the Conker colour.