Decided to start a new post about this so won’t get buried. After 3.5 weeks, this skirt finally came. It’s great, of course. But Mr. C doesn’t love it and thinks it needs to be hemmed. I don’t think he “gets” a midi length skirt, though I do wear them all the time! My others have some move movement, though. This may need to come just below my knee instead of being a true midi length. I have a sugar eye for midis, as much as he has a poison eye. (NB: I don’t need him to love it. He has a good natural eye but no knowledge whatsoever of trends or currency in women’s looks looks. Plus this look will make more sense with shoes on, especially tall boots. I’m okay with a JFE look, too.)

Should I have this hemmed, and if so, how much? I assume just below my knee?

I just happened to be wearing red, so it’s an accidental festive outfit!

I wish I could take the photos from a better angle, but it’s not possible as this is the only mirror in the house; any further back, and I’d be in the tub.

ETA - Here are better pics of the skirt. La Pedestrienne asked below about whether the skirt covers the top of my boots. It does, by an inch. I am accordingly inclined to leave it as is.

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