I really needed a solid white/off white top for my wardrobe. I selected on this Boden top as one of the best offerings at the time.

I bought it in November 2018 and wore it for the first time ever yesterday. It took me a while to wear it because (1) the top did not excite me, (2) I bought it during the wrong season, and most importantly, (3) that tiny beige strip around the neck was off putting to someone that definitely cannot wear beige.

Beige!? I certainly must have settled out of desperation.

Although the shoulders fit perfectly, it is a little big through the body. Not big enough that it is a problem.

The reason I am posting is because the cotton against my body was sublime!!!! All day long I kept reaching up to feel the quality of the cotton. Boden quality is excellent. Their color schemes and patterns do make me wonder sometimes.

This top will be an excellent basic/essential in my wardrobe. It will get worn a great deal in the spring/summer. It probably will never excite me. I've decided that is ok.

Recognizing that I did indeed settle in 2018, it is my goal to minimize that in the future. I remember exactly feeling that desperation of needing a short sleeved cotton top in off white. I scoured the internet and finally settled on this one. It worked out ok for me.

What techniques do you use when desperation descends upon you but you still want to hold yourself to a higher quality of purchasing?

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