Pssst, Rachy, I just checked and some of the online items say they're in stock at the Walnut Creek Nordstrom. That's yours, right?

Thanks for taking the time to reply Liz and Angie! I love the look of some of the Boden pieces I’ve seen here—might have to give it a bash!

Ooh! Yes, Greyscale! That’s my Nordies! How exciting!!

This is exciting. I agree that Boden ordering and returning is easy for us in the States, but this way we can earn Nordstrom notes.

Having said that, while I find Boden quality exceptional, the fit of tops has been tricky for me (I’ve never tried bottoms). I’d be interested in hearing Angie’s recommendations on items that work for a busty IT....shoulder fit has been off on most items I’ve tried.

How tempting for those of you living in Seattle. I love Boden, so this would be a great temptation.

how interesting....i'm with Aquamarine, it is easy to order/return from Boden in the US, but i'll take the nordies note and the ability to return in store...

Interesting! The merchandise looks great. Does anyone remember when Boden first came to the States, and did its selling via at-home sales parties?

Just checked, and there are 19 items at my local Nordstrom's. I'm definitely going to stop by in the next week or two, to get a better sense of sizing across the line.

Quick chime in: YES Nordies notes are excellent. Good job figuring out sizes first. But the assortment is much better on the Boden site!

Laura, I didn't know that. Like Cabi?

And by the way, gorgeous Laura is curvy, and does VERY well with Boden. Fernanda is a straight rectangle with broad shoulders and also does well with Boden. Opposite body types.

As for IT's, shoulder width varies on the Boden garments. Jackets with stretch are better.

Ooh excellent news. I saw mini Boden on the site awhile back, but not women’s.

PLONK! I have asked them every time I have shopped there. And then they closed my store. I would be in heaven. Not to jinx it, but I may be in Seattle sometime soon. I wanted to visit flagship before, but NOW??

Whoa, that’s exciting! I may have to make a visit downtown.

Yes, Angie! It was exactly like Cabi. There was a sales representative (in our case, a local mom) who would line up hosts. Sometimes the Boden merchandise would be complemented by a local artist who brought their handmade jewelry or other accessories. It was fun, and a smart way to introduce Boden in the US by enabling women to see the clothing up close. I bought a ton of Boden for our boys in those days! I'd say this was back in the early- to mid-2000s.

And yes - as a petite pear, Boden does fit me nicely, particularly dresses and jackets. I have yet to try their pants or jeans, so that's next on my list.

This is great news as I have a Nordstrom close by, and it's something I wouldn't have known about without YLF! Thank you, Angie!
Just wanted to add, though, regarding Boden shipping--I believe shipping is free for orders $50 and over, but return shipping is $7. It's still a great deal but not free; although, I think they do run sales with free shipping and free returns sometimes.