I've missed you all! Work kicked into high gear and I've had an amazingly fun and productive month. I hadn't realized how long it had been - and then I noticed that I'd lost all my little karma icons or whatever we call them here!

I wish I had a WIW to post, but not today. My style's been shifting a little looser and more casual, now that it's sandal weather.

I didn't shop at all last month, and then I realized I'd gained a few pounds in my thighs and I hated wearing all my too-tight jeans (except the huge R13s, of course!) So this week has been epic jeans-shopping, resulting in one new-new pair (BLUE jeans from the Gap, my first non-black/grey jeans in years) and one perfect thrifted pair (black CoH straight leg). I sized up intentionally in the Gap real straight jeans for a stolen-from-my-boyfriend look. I am so impressed by Gap's jeans.

And of course combing the stores for jeans meant I picked up a handful of other things too, notably a perfect Theory shirtdress from the new Nordstrom Rack that opened in downtown SF. (Micro-review: the older one on Brannan St still gets all the actual designer stuff, but the new one has a solid selection of high-end brands like Vince and Helmut Lang). And I think I found the perfect jumpsuit online (a HEWI) but I won't know til it arrives.

I'm starting to realize I have more clothing than I ever wear, so I need to be better about working things into the rotation and not buying more than I'll wear.