I’ve recently bought two pairs of Lila Waterproof booties from Blondo- in Mushroom Suede and Black Leather. OMG, they are potentially the most comfortable booties with a slight heel that I have ever worn, and I did not worry about outings in the rain. I’m a Portland, OR resident, and my shoes have to be able to withstand wet. Puddles have not impacted them in the slightest, and I dislike wet feet. Another requirement is that I need to be able to go 7,000 steps in them as I do a ton of day trips for work. Parking structure, airport one, plane ride, airport two, walk around urban area for work, reverse the process. These can go the distance, I did need to size to a 10, and they fit my high instep, high arch, normal heel, short toed feet with no problem. They were at Nordstrom Rack for $100.

I also tried the Blondo Elvina, but my feet slid forward in them. The heel was a bit too high for my liking to be comfortable for all day wear. These did not fit my feet as I would have liked them to! The heel is very narrow. I’ll stick with the Ecco Shape 35s.

I have a pair of the Dale loafers (in red!) on order, I hope they are just as great.