Finding a blazer that: made of natural fabrics, fits me, cut the way I like it and affordable is close to impossible. I’m 5’3 or 160 sm and require a petite size. Some of the regular size blazers are OK, too, just would need to be without buttons on the sleeves, so they can be shorten. The main problem is the chest/shoulders area. My chest is a bit big for my frame. To accommodate it, I need to size up but then shoulders are dropping and the top part of the back has extra fabric. If I try my true size, buttoning a blazer feel and looks tight. This is due to narrow shoulders and the back. So, what to do?
- forget the whole idea of finding a blazer or
- buy bigger size and alter the shoulders/back area. I have a good seamstress but it is not an easy alterations or
- buy a true size and never ever button the blazer.
What would you do?