You look fabulous and what a treat to see your WIW. And there are the sneakers I should have bought!

I don't have an outerwear blazer, despite having so many jackets and coats. Hm.
I had to look up where the Prince Edward County was. Wow, it's completely in Lake Ontario! This must be stunning. Did you catch the leaves at their best moment?

Thank you all for the lovely compliments! What a treat to come back to that. We had a fun time -- even though 2 of the restaurants we thought we were going to eat at were closed! And the leaves haven't really turned yet because it's been such a warm fall. But that was all right. The sun shone and the ferry ride was gorgeous and it was fun to play hooky.

This combo is great!
The floral sweater I've seen in a few WIWs of yours. It seems to be "your thing".

Fabulous Suz. I love your sweater.

Lovely outfit Suz, I do view this as very much your signature style And I know you have been wearing your hair like this for quite some time now but every time I see you it totally wows me. Looking absolutely gorgeous.

Love maximal, casual chic Suz! (Sorry for making you sound like a Barbie .) I can't see the earrings so well, but I have finally realized that I am neutral and can go either way in terms of silver and gold. (Also clarified many foundation mistakes.) Just throwing that out there. Great to see you!

So glad you had a day off to enjoy with Mr. Suz! I love the pearls with the fashion sneaks! And how wonderful you have kept something ladylike from your mom's closet!

You look fantastic! That blazer has your name written all over it. Love the color!

I love, LOVE that blazer on you. The color literally takes my breath away. You look beautiful and the pearls definitely complete the look.

STUN-NING! The formula is perfection and with the colors you chose, your outfit is a showstopper! Love it!

Marvelous from head to toe!! And that blazer was such a good purchase, Suz!

Absolutely amazing!

So nice to see an outfit post...I’ve missed them! That blazer makes me smile every time...YLF, as usual.

Stunning! Glad you had a good time.

Wow, love the pairing of that stunning patterned knit(which inherited from your DM if remember well?) with the fuchsia blazer! Yalways LF Suz!:-)

I nominate this 'Outfit of the Year'. It is gorgeous on you.

This is so pretty on you! I adore this pink color for you!

You've nailed your look. So polished and sporty and fun.

Just adding some more love to your maximally fab outfit. You look so good in blazers. Adore the pearls too. You are gorgeous!

Lovely. What a gorgeous color on you! And it seems appropriate to leave the watch at home for an outing like that, no? But if you still plan to change out the gold buttons, and if you're having trouble finding silver ones you like, have you considered abalone shell? It's one of my favorite button materials, and there are often faint tints of pink that would play off the blazer's color. Just a thought--

Stunning! That pink blazer is so great on you. It's a very happy look.

You look fab, Suz! (Are you already Queen Fuchsia?) And I’ve just realized that we’re J.Crew pile-of-pearl twins.

Glad you had a relaxing outing with Mr. Suz - sounds lovely despite the restaurants failing to cooperate.

You look fabulous! Love this look!

Suz, it’s so good to see another wiw from you. And this one is awesome! That jacket is such a pretty colour on you.

Q about the pearls... what is their colour like? The online pic shows them as a bit yellowy , however on you they look more like a natural pearl colour.