I mentioned in a previous post that I’m attracted to “blackened” items. Items with an overlay, tinge or patina of black. I’m looking for a sort of dimensional black, rather than a flat matte black.

I posted before about wearing a black mesh top over a coloured top for a blackened effect.

Today I tried the same idea with a black lace skirt. I wore it over a tan skirt to blacken it.

I enjoyed the effect very much. With movement, the interplay between the 2 skirts created almost a shimmering effect.

I bought the jumper last year, maybe the year before. It was black and white but I decided to dye it tan this year. Despite using half the recommended dye and only dyeing it for 20 minutes, the colour came out quite deep. More like a camel. Anyhow, I’m happy it didn’t shrink or shred in the dyeing process. (I use the washing machine.) It will be more useful to me this way.

The pea coat is about 10 years old, by Jigsaw. Sadly they left Australia at the start of the pandemic. I hope they come back.

The bag is an ancient suede number from Furla (waving to fellow Furla collector Angie).

I have some other ideas for the lace skirt. I think I’m going to have some fun with it.

Your thoughts or suggestions welcome.