I have these two pieces impatiently knocking at the door of my closet waiting to be let out to play. Given the lightweight fabric and unfinished hem of the skirt, I'm putting it into a funky business casual slot - into which I funnel most of my budget. The Hi Ness wedge Cons - yes they are white (love the idea of them so much I may get the black, but staying true to my vow not to buy anything now until I have all of this figured out) are in the same category. So the question in my mind is - can I wear them together? (black skirt and white wedges) And what is the ideal top ? I can work a fairly funky look and am not afraid of a little edge. In fact, I feel most comfortable in that look . Any suggestions for the ideal top - should it be fitted, flowy, striped, solid? I have several options for a topper - including a vintage Burberry denim cropped jacket complete with plaid cuff and under collar lining (white, red, gold, etc) that I could see working with this. I also have a cropped Ralph Lauren washed denim jacket with white top stitching to consider.

Lots of you have this skirt - tell me how you style it for casual wear! Thanks - appreciate ALL ideas - from any style viewpoint!

Btw - I'd add a "find" for the Hi Ness eyelet if I could fine one:)