Last night I tried on my warmest tights, which are black, with my new pair of flats, which are dark brown. The look was jarring to me—the flats just by themselves are very, very dark, almost black, but putting them in close proximity to true black highlighted that they were clearly brown. I wanted to try the combo because I want to extend my wearing of the new shoes as far into cold weather as possible.

I was going to give up on the idea, but in Angie's blog post today, she said not to worry about wearing brown and black together, to just do it.

Has anyone here worn black tights and dark brown shoes? Do you think that the black-plus-brown combo works better with other clothing items as opposed to black tights and brown shoes? I'm not sure if my eye needs time to adjust or if there is something about the tights-and-shoes combo that is different. Or maybe I'm just reacting to a contrasting color on my feet, which makes my legs look a little stumpy.