In my last post with my new glitter shoes, Angie asked me if I had a wardrobe pet. I have two existing bags that can work with the shoes, but are not a perfect match.

The company that made the shoes (Mimco), did make a bag that is the same colour, but my issue is that it is similar to a bag that I currently have.

If I bought the new bag, it would be useful because I wear pink and berry colours...but whether I should try to find a pink glitter bag is a possibility.

The main issue I have with evening clutches is most will not hold my large iPhone. For me that is simply non-negotiable. I need my iPhone at all times to phone home or call for transport - so super mini bags and tiny box clutches are out.

Photo 1 - my shoes and earrings, nail polish and lipstick - the pink glitter earrings may be too casual to wear to a ball, but are a fun match for the shoes.

Photo 2 & 3 - Holographic bag with shoes. Not a match, but tonally they work together.

Photo 4 - Shoes with a purple camera bag that I currently own.

Photo 5 - the potential purchase. A perfect colour match to my shoes - but is it too similar to my existing bag and possibly too casual to wear to black tie events?

So YLF wisdom:

1. Which earrings - pink or diamonds?
2. Which bag - holographic or purple camera bag?
3. Should I buy the matching leather bag?

I have 3 black tie events coming up, the plan is as follows:
1. A conservative dinner, black tie invitation, but many women are likely to be dressed in cocktail attire (dress 1 black with silver flecks, more fitted on me)
2. Work ball, Garden of Eden theme - the attire will range from full length gowns to cocktail dresses - dress 2 to be worn
3. Boobalicious ball - a Charity ball to support breast cancer survivors. Clothing and formality ranges, but from photos of prior balls, lots of cleavage and skin on show. Pink and purple are breast cancer survivor colours, so the shoes are perfect for that one. Dress 3 for that ball, the dress is backless, so I am showing some skin at the back, the length is longer on me.

All dresses to be worn with a black feather jacket.

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