After bugging Suja about her Franco Sarto peeptoe booties and having Suz gently remind me of the impracticality of such a shoe in our climate, I awaited Jackie's review of the Munro Robyn. I ordered the 6.5M during NAS after live-chatting with someone from Nordstrom. My concern with fit is my wide-ish toe box. But I don't usually buy wide shoes. I'm sitting here in the boots trying to decide if they work. I contacted Nordstrom about exchanging for a wide and they will do do at the NAS price but I will have to pay for shipping and returns (I'm in Canada). The boot feels quite good in bare feet and tights after a day walking around the Toronto Zoo. Yesterday they felt tight in the toes with socks. I'm not sure if the leather will give enough to make them perfect. I'm afraid if I try the wide they'll be good in the front and too wide in the back. (I've never owned wide shoes - are they wider everywhere?)

Are these boots worth effort? I don't currently own black booties. I have tall black boots that won't be very useful when sitting on the floor with kindergarteners this school year and thought these booties, with their comfort construction, would fit the bill.

What would you do?