Yes, Smittie, I agree -- proportions better with cardigan somehow.

I agree a bit of skin would help here -- just like scrunched sleeves. But Iwon't be wearing these particular pants with an open shoe or sandal because they are too warm for that.

You can see the flare on these on the side. I think one reason I don't care for them is they are too small.

But honestly, they shorten my legs by a lot, no matter what, and somehow the effect is much more obvious with these than with other crops. I do like slim crops and I like wide legs (e.g culottes), too. And I even like my crop bootcut jeans from BR. But those are a bit longer on me -- closer to ankle length. My dislike has something to do with this specific pant.

I think the pants look great on you. The whole outfit in fact. Great colours.

And commiserations on the -5. We are at 28 today and expecting 37 tomorrow.

Simply amazing! These colors look spectacular on you. I love the layering.

The colours are lovely and I really like the cardigan and scarf.

I feel the same way as you do about cropped flares. They aren’t for me, and I understand why you don’t feel as great as do in other trousers.

You know, Suz, whenever you refer back to the time before you joined this forum, I am amazed that you ever had difficulty with what to wear. You dress yourself like such a pro now, it's wonderful to see. And because I have similar coloring, hair and build, I reap the benefits! This melange of greys and blues is right up my alley. Thanks for the inspiration, as always.

P.S. Regarding cropped flares, don't you find that the exact degree of flare, in proportion to one's height and body shape, becomes so important, it makes it hard to get them right? Just a touch more flare on these might have pleased you more.

Suz, I appreciate the leg shortening effect of crops, and can understand your concern. I think you have done a great job of styling yours so the effect is minimized and virtually unnoticeable. Your proportion camouflage is effective.

Subdued, but still striking! Not bright red, not bright silver, but flattering and fab!

You did it! How lovely the greys and blues here. I am not bothered by proportions, it looks cute and ready to go with you somewhere and do things

These colours are so beautiful on you.

A really nice look - put together very thoughtfully.

I am wearing black and light blue today so will try and snap a photo later.

I thought of you immediately when reading Angie's post and this proved I've been so right! Blues& greys are your colors and black makes a great contrast to them. Scarf ties everything together. As for the NFE pants-all I can say is I think the key is going a bit longer (maybe more of a high water length) with their hem (if possible) and using a bootie which is maybe sleeker(tighter) on your ankle that's all!

Suz! You look super hip. And congrats for trying the cropped a fashion scaredy cat, I haven't gone there yet!