The earrings are a huge YES.

You know, I'm still loving dainty necklaces, but big earrings somehow are providing needed balance right now for me. Is it something about this year's summer fashion?

You are looking so great, Suz. These outfits are phenomenal on you. I love the new direction you are going.
I had to get those Nickel & Suede earrings, too, influenced by you and someone else I saw them on here recently. I got the matte silver ones and have worn them a couple of times. I'm not quite sure they are my style, but I've been wanting larger earrings lately.

Lovely outfits from head to toe. Love the earrings! I totally relate to your comments about wearing certain earrings mostly in summer....I have earrings, not so large, that I don't wear much in winter because they catch on whatever scarf I'm wearing and then taking off the scarf indoors becomes quite entertaining. I suppose this would not be a problem for someone in a year round warm location.

Also ..."fit flops"? these are new to me....always love a new idea.

One more thing Suz, that checked top looks so much more stylish and feminine/classy on you than it does in the find pic - funny how that happens sometimes.

I think these big earrings really work with your bair and because of 'the summer thing'.... the outfits are just great... I need to get tips from you on 'put together casual' as you do it sooo well.

You are looking soooo good Suz! Three awesome outfits. I think I'm going to call #1 as my favourite because I just love that gingham shirt on you.

Wowwww, the big earings REALLY REALLY MAKE the outfit nr 1!!!! I can see IT!
Love them in nr 3, too. And you can never go wrong with some fab studs(like for nr 2), isn't it!

Love the drama of the earrings. Suz since cutting my own hair shorter I have been having a ball with earrings. A short do almost cries out for them