I have been researching BF jeans for the last couple of weeks. I am in Florida until the end of March so I can order online. My beloved Paige Porter BF jeans finally wore out. They don't make them anymore and I ordered them from ebay. They were not the same.

I have looked at the ones from Everlane but I am not sure they are the ones. I may order the blue ones to see what they are like.

I have a long rise, pear shape body and take a size 28, 29 or 30 in jeans. I have worn Fidelity, 7 F M, Co M, Levis, Silver, etc. Sizes are so difficult online.

I want a higher rise BF jean and a darker blue colour. Nothing too distressed but some distressing is okay. I loved the Fidelity AXL but they are too low rise for me now.

In finds are the ones I am planning to order.
From Anthro:
High Rise BF Pilcro
Mid Rise BF Pilcro (not sure about these - patches)
Mid Rise BF Pilcro

From Nordstroms:
C Of H Emersons New Moon
Paige High Rise Jimmy Jimmy

Any other suggestions?