And, bringing up the rear.....

I'm very proud of myself this year.

For the last 2-3 years, since I discovered NAS, I've always gone into that time period with no intentions of buying, and have come out with several (or several severals) items. When NAS hits, I have NO interest in fall clothes, as we are barely starting to wear full summer ones. But inevitably I get sucked in by the posts here, seeing things on others, seeing the recommendations, etc. I've ended up with some of my favourite pieces this way, so no regrets.

Same thing this year. except this year, I wasn't even get excited about what I was seeing... not that there weren't nice things being shown, I just found whenever something caught my eye, I was always able to find something I already had that filled the same use. Plus I was away for the last two weeks of July, so missed a lot of the excitement.

I did end up ordering 4 pairs of pants, all from Canadian stores. Last year I got the black Halogen flares in a size too big, and have often kicked myself for that (I had the smaller pair initially, but chose the larger). So this year I reordered them in the size smaller, along with some navy ones. I also thought I'd try the Paige jeans, and the olive Dre's that were popping up frequently, and seemed to fit people who I can often wear the same things as.

The smaller black Halogen flares weren't different enough in size to own both. Or to spend money on. Back they went.
The navy Halogen flares weren't quite the right navy, to go with any of the tops I'd envisioned them with. This was a hard one, as I have serious navy goggles, but back they went.
The Paige jeans were awful on me - totally sausage encasing. I don't think ordering a size larger would have helped, as they were way to tight on the calf, and this doesn't usually change much. Back they went.
The olive Dre's are awesome! They are staying! What lovely fabric. Olive is not one of my colours, however I do like it, and figured they'll go with my multitude of navy, black and white tops. They are a tad snugger in the calf than is ideal, but still fine. I hope. I'm also happy to wear them tucked into boots. It's a lot for me to spend on jeans, but given I didn't get anything else, I feel totally justified.

So there we are. My story. Are you proud of me too?