Belts are not essential to my style, and mainly serve to hold up the back side of my trousers and jeans when I sit. They become more important with mid and low rises than my current collection of high rises. I edit my belt collection every season and seem to remove one or two without purchasing replacements. Currently, I am most unhappy with the type of buckles on my belts. Some of them have brass or gold metallic finishes and with my silver hair, I now prefer silver, mixed metal, or pewter finishes. I currently have 10 belts. I have three favorites which unsurprisingly are in my wardrobe neutrals (navy with a pewter/dark metal buckle, light grey (silver buckle), silver (silver buckle). I have one belt that has a mixed metal buckle and flips between a black leather side and a brown croc print side. The other belts are colorful or have statement details and work nicely for dressier outfits or when I want to use a belt as an accent or to coordinate with shoes (red (silver buckle), blush (brass buckle), animal print (brass buckle) and black with silver hardware). I have one wider belt in light teal with a pearl finish plastic buckle. I use it to belt sweaters or blazers.

I have not started my Spring wardrobe edit however, my silver leather belt, a long time favorite, is showing signs of wear, and if I can find a replacement I like, I would consider making a switch. It was the first purchase I made based on a YLF forum member recommendation, over 7 years ago! I may cull the animal print belt and may consider replacing the blush belt with another color.

I love belts and have acquired quite a few over the years - a few of my belts are in Finds - but most are not because I generally buy them in small boutiques. I mainly buy leather belts and keep them for many years. I really like the look of a waisted belt on a dress and have bought dresses that have belts that came with the dress (two are in Finds).

I like waist definition, so I will wear belts with jeans, pants, dresses and even over jackets and coats.