I am pretty casual in the spring and summer - jeans, a top or tee, and shoes. I've been thinking about ways to up my game a bit and realized that a belt might be just the ticket, as I don't wear much jewelry and have a single handbag for summer.

When you shop for belts to wear with jeans, how wide should they be? what would be your minimum and maximum width?

I seem to be drawn to silver tones this season (silver shoes, a sparkly suede jacket--that i'll have to ask for therapy for in a later post:)-- and my pewter bag). Would it be too much to wear a silver belt with a silver shoe and pewter bag?

Are there good rules to follow about matching your belt to outfit? I don't really want to highlight my midsection and I'm cautious about adding a horizontal line

I would love any advice you have about belts - which ones are a workhorse for you and why if possible.