Hi there, well I love a good introspective exercise! So these are a few thoughts I had about Angie's blog post today. I'm very open to feedback as I know sometimes we are seen more clearly from the outside! I can't draw clean lines in my mind around the categories, so it's just one big list

  • Simplicity. This is a big deal to me. It relates to the fact that I am quite sensitive. I am overwhelmed by clutter in my home, my closet, my schedule, etc. Without simplicity, I simply can't focus on anything. I have worked hard to keep our family life as simple as possible so we have time for the most important thing - each other! I think this is pretty clearly reflected in my style I can be a bit over-focused on this, frankly.
  • Family. My universe revolves around serving my family. This affects how much money and time I am willing to spend on clothing, and drives me to make practical choices so I can get on with what I need to do for everyone.
  • Humility. I believe it's fair to say I am quite humble. I don't like or crave much attention, and am happier as a stagehand than a star. I am a modest dresser and would rather fit in than stand out. This trait annoys my DH
  • Balance. The holy grail in style and life. Fun and practicality. Save money and support the economy. Look nice but don't be vain. Balance is a big focus, not that I've got it yet!
  • Cautious optimism. As much as I am a worrywart, I ultimately am a person of faith and am able to spot the problems but also see the good most of the time. I am feeling to urge to express this a little more through a bit more lightness in my style and approach!
  • Kindness. I try very hard to be as kind as I possibly can. I don't always succeed but I try. In style this means dressing appropriately for occasions, as a mark of respect. It also means trying to wrestle with the ethical implications of style and make better decisions, and not turning away from how my prosperity affects others beyond my sightline.
  • Quiet and easy-going. I'll chat your ear off one on one, but at a party you won't hear me. I have scarcely a pushy bone in my body (mama bear capabilities notwithstanding!). I am happy to go along to get along, providing it's not at anyone's expense but my own. If someone needs to tell their problems to a total stranger in a grocery line, I'm the person they find, and I'm happy to lend a sympathetic ear. I think this unimposing nature and lack of drama comes through in my style. My school report cards and work reviews always noted this as something I needed to 'work on'. But I also value authenticity, so I gave up trying to change it!
  • Conscientious. I like order and organization, and I think this is reflected in the polished elements of my style.
  • Self-doubting and anxious. I can't list my positive values and traits without including at least one bad one I don't think I have to explain how this comes through in my style to any of you that have gotten to know me over the years! Suffice it to say, I'm working on it

Sorry that was super-long! xx