I am thoroughly enjoying reading other's posts and getting insights on myself. So I will attempt to distil where I am at:

- Style is important and a form of communication. I have a dressy and feminine style. I was the child that was the little princess with fairy wings trying out Evil Kenevil stunts on her bike. I'm not sure where either of those extremes came from, but it has always been there.
- Fashion should be fun, don't take it too seriously. I think this is where I am quite happy sporting quirky elements, like my beloved Owl Bag.
- I want to role model to my son "be the best me that I can be" - living a healthy and full life and making the most of opportunities. This is what I aspire to.
I have a dark side, 'being the best' is not being a perfectionist. I have a tendency to perfectionism (in everything which can be stressful)...I like to have the perfect outfit in all situations - which I am realising is NOT NECESSARY as no one cares and that would cost a lot and involve even more clothing that the excessive amount I currently own.

- Loyal - I like to reward trusted retailers with my purchases. There are a few smaller local boutiques where I buy most of my clothing and shoes. I know I could probably buy the same item somewhere else cheaper - but not excessively so and I value the opinion and service of the owners of these businesses.
- Respectful - I value good manners and inclusive attitudes and behaviours. In my career I have been discriminated against because of my gender. I won't tolerate sexist, racist, ageist and other discriminatory behaviours and will call it out when I see it, having done so on many occasions.
- Modest, I don't feel comfortable wearing sexy clothing or any body constraining underpinnings to wear such clothing. Clothing that is feminine and alluring - yes, provocative - no.
- Cost vs benefit - I am an Accountant, so there is always a "cost vs benefit' analysis that will come into my buying decisions! That said, I can be spontaneous when buying items and can get swept up in the excitement of buying something fabulous. I am trying to make sure that those 'fabulous and exciting' purchases are realistic for my current and not past or fantasy life... sometimes I overestimate the benefit vs the cost!

- Optimistic and ambitious - I see opportunities in most situations and thrive on change and challenging myself. In many respects I like these qualities - it has meant that most things I set out to achieve I do achieve. Whenever I get knocked down, I get back up. Where this is not so good is that sometimes I see only what I want to see and am not as caring or considerate of others. In addition, I do wonder if I just do things because it was a challenge rather than something that actually matters...When dressing professionally I have always aimed to 'dress for success' and love the look and feel of a great sheath dress or suit. I try to add personality with colour and interesting details.
- Playful - I am always up for fun, I love parties and socialising with friends, trying new things and having adventures. That energy comes through in my fashion choices.
- Formal and high maintenance - I have never been the 'low maintenance, natural' type. I wish I was because I am a pain. I take half an hour (and that's on a good day because I am not a morning person) to have a shower, do my hair and make-up and get dressed. In my youth I put it down to not being a natural beauty, but to be honest, I think it is that I am just not that type of personality. I dye my hair, wear make up, keep my clothing very neat and tidy, have a dressy style. I like to know where I stand - whether in personal or professional pursuits - I just have to face it that ambiguity does not sit well with me. Even my hobby, karate - its a formal thing - we bow to our instructor and wear uniforms. Most of my clothes have structure or some luxe element because without it, I feel a little off kilter.

My lovely husband once said "I knew what you were like when I married you" and has never tried to change me - what a relief! Maybe my style moniker should be "Evil Kenevil Princess".