Do my clothes/outfits reveal my beliefs, values, and personality? I think they do. In fact, they must (!) since my #1 belief is that fashion is a form of self expression. Even folks who say they ‘just throw on any old thing’ are revealing something about who they are by their choices. I also believe that the sensory experiences provided by garments: warmth, fit, texture, colour, even smell, has an impact on the way I think, feel, and function - in other words, I believe in (#2) enclothed cognition. As such, I care about fashion and manage my wardrobe accordingly.

Practicality and comfort rate high. ‘Form follows function’ is a principal I esteem. I also value beauty in everyday things. My favourite art form is Craft - a useful object beautifully and skillfully rendered. (Interestingly, craft was considered a lesser form of art than painting and sculpture because made objects had a domestic function. They were also creative techniques that tended to be produced by women. But I digress!) The fabrication and the finish of a garment is worthy of consideration. Oh! And shoes and bags!

Personality: I’m organized and fairly traditional (so uniform dresser, classic essentials) and pragmatic (so natural and sporty styles) and a happy introvert with a tendency to situational extroversion (so (bright) colours, the occasional pattern, or a trendy piece.) My demeanour can be prim and starchy, but my heart and mind are philosophically liberal (so appreciation for juxtaposition!)

Whew! Tough exercise.