The power of giving back

How often do you give back?
Do you give back?
When you bring something into the house do you take an equal amount back?
How to you check yourself?
Do you check yourself?
How do you hold yourself accountable?

We love to shop don't we? Well, I don't know if you do but, I do! I love it. I love the anticipation of finding that one item I've had my heart set on. The perfect EF Harem pants, crop pant, shoe, boot, heel, coat fur, picture, table, bedroom set. I love thinking about what it will be like when I find my treasure. I think about what I will wear it with how I will wear it and what wardrobe hole will it fill.

Most importantly I think about the Scoregasm-
When something happens that is so righteously awesome you pretty much scream out loud.
The feeling acquired when thinking about scoring perfect treasure.

When you have found your ultimate Scoregasm and bring your treasure home. What do you do with other things you no longer love? Do you stuff your closet until it is bloated? Do you sit a bag by the door vowing to donate but somehow it never gets donated? Do you go through the donation bag finding yourself pulling items that you half like out? Saying to yourself "I will wear it". Maybe saying this but you know you have not worn that item in over 5 years.

Take heart this is your time to shine! This is your giving back moment! This is your time to know that you can give to a great cause! You can be your own hero/shero! You can change a life with the power of giving back. You have access to so much power or potential to access power. Let me tell you how. By donating to your local charity of choice you can do all the things that I stated above. You have a choice with so many charities out here there is always someone to help. Some woman,man,girl, or boy who could use that thing you have not thought about in years.

I keep a bag ready. Sometimes I will wear a treasure and never wear it again. My closet is a continued revolving evolution of progress and creativity. The thrift or op shop is my main place to shop and donate. I find the latest and the greatest. So I donate the latest and the greatest. The next time you bring smothering into your home make sure that you love it. If you don't love it then leave it! How many life lessons can we learn from that. Oh baby if I had the time! I see my treasures go to good homes and other women veterans who are in need. I also volunteer there so I am always amazed at the people whom receive joy from something I donated.

I donate to a non profit charity call Combat To Chic:;fref=ts

My business is called Thrift in Time Please visit my FB page and like and share:

Whom do you donate to?
PSA don't donate what you would not wear! Just cause it's going to the charity shop does not mean you can donate trash. Edit yourself! Before you reck yourself!

Thank you for reading or looking at the pictures or just stoping by. Leave a comment it makes me happy. Now go and look at the pictures cause we love them.
Last few pictures 16 is Tem from House of Tem a fabulous designer.
And Meosha of Combat to Chic. Tem is making my white jumpsuit. He is a Fashion Designer.

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