I wear jeans a lot and being a MOTG means I'm hard on the jeans (they get dirty and worn) so it's time to add in some fresh replacements for this coming year for my most favorite pairs. I'm done with adding colored denim to my wardrobe (they don't get used very often), so it's just back to basics for me. What do you think of the fit on these jeans?

I went to Gap and these were the best-fitting ones, in the styles that I already have worn before (Long and Lean and Always Skinny). Gap is really stretchy and so I fit in size 2 jeans there even though I normally wear a size 6 skirt/pants in other brands.

Which of these jeans are keepers? Do the premium pairs (1-3, 4-6, 19-21 and 22-24) look better than the Gap ones? Particularly interested in comparing 4-6 vs. 7-9 faded bootcut jeans and 16-18 vs. 19-21 skinny dark wash. Thanks! Sorry for dumping so many pairs on you all at once!

1-3. Old faded black bootcut and
4-6. Old faded blue bootcut jeans I found in the back of my closet. The fit on these is way better than my previous mom-jeans. But do these pass YLF muster? They're a bit short, but I would wear them with flat Converse. They're very comfy.
7-9. Gap Long and Lean, faded blue wash, size 2R (I could also get ankle length if you think they're too long)
10-12. Gap Long and Lean, dark blue wash, size 2R

13-15. Gap Sexy Boot, white wash, size 4R (white is less stretchy than blue)

16-18. Gap Always Skinny, dark blue wash, size 2R
19-21. AG skinny leggings, dark blue wash, size 28 (you've already seen this one but I wanted to compare it to the Gap Always Skinny jeans, because the Gap is much cheaper but I feel like the leggings fit me more snugly--I can't decide which is better, snug and smooth leggings or slightly looser fit skinnies).

22-24. Mavi capri faded blue wash, size S (here mainly for reference--you've seen this one before as well and I'm planning to keep).

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