I'm so glad that I came back here...just this short time has helped me solidify my wardrobe choices and focus my attention going forward.
I have learned to embrace denim again. 3 years of wearing it every day to work put me off a bit, but I have realized that it is integral to my style. I love denim shirts, jackets, jeans and shorts. I am going to embrace this love and not limit myself on these purchases, as long as each piece is varied enough to distinguish it from the others. (especially since much of it is workwear for me)
I love items that have a handmade or global feeling to them- particularly accessories. I can focus on higher quality of these items since I tend to keep those for longer periods of time.
My dominant season is summer, but my color season is fall. This means that when I find spring/summer weight items in a natural fall color story- I should stock up.
I like my pieces softer.
I also need to focus my shoe wardrobe on breathable footear that still offers more coverage and can be worn to work.
Vintagey lace in white or cream is a slam dunk for me- I shouldn't pass it up.
Last but not least, I prefer prints on my lower half, and solids or muted patterns near my face. I won't hesitate to try printed pants now that I know how much I like them.
Thanks for listening to my rambles...