I received my latest Boden catalog, which features some transitional items, like longer sleeved dresses. When I saw the Polperro Ottoman dress (in finds), I wanted it at once. It's similar in style to the Marisa dress, which I pounced on and purchased at full price back when Angie featured it a few years ago. I still love it and wear it, though it doesn't see quite as much use as my other (much more inexpensive) dresses. (Why? Maybe because I'm "saving" it since it's a nicer, more expensive dress? There is also a slight lining issue that I'm sure my tailor could fix. Note to self: Ask her about it.)

However, I am rather frugal, and my budget is not limitless. In order to get the look shown in the catalog (and in finds), I would not only have to purchase the $150 dress, but also the $45 belt! Talk some sense into me: Am I being unreasonable in my price expectations? Should I stalk it and hope my size is still there when a sale hits?

Marisa Dress
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