So busy catching up, I almost forgot why I came on!

I have been on the hunt for sports bras for what seems like all this year. I'm using them for a whole range of stuff, all low impact atm, but will change- but the most important to me is modesty. Even bras at higher price points did not have sufficient padding.

Fittin racerback- clear winner, and super inexpensive on Amazon. I think 4 are $33. Comfortable and modest. Some may not like it for high impact, but I've run, done burpees, and jump kicks in similar.
Women's Spot Comfort, Champion- much more of a compression type, but no padding to speak of. Headlights are for cars, not the gym.
Women's Curvy Sports Bra, Champion- not as padded as the Fittin, but better than Spot Comfort. I sized up based on reviews, ok but wasn't necessary.
Nike Shape Zip Bra- good in front but gave me a large roll beneath the band in back :/ Buh bye.