When I did my review for 2018 and set my goal for additions to my wardrobe in 2019, I included basics. So, I don’t think I’ll be adding anything to this category right now.

The current numbers:
17 undies (mostly Jockey)
17 camis (Halogen Absolute)
10 bras (2 lounge) (Champion, Wonderbra, Hanes)
7 pj pants (JCrew, Gap, ON)
2 summer longer bottoms (Boden)
5-6 summer lounger tees
2 winter lounger bottoms (The Bay, Roots)
2 winter lounger hoodies (AE)
1 swimsuit + coverup (Lands End, JCrew)
1 winter slipper (Glerups)
1 summer slipper (Olukai flipflops)
1 summer robe (Simons)
2 winter robes (flannel - daily wear + cashmere needs replacing - The Bay)
? socks but not too many - all fit into small dresser drawer (Tekos, Darn Tough, Smartwool, Chups, Simons, Vans no-shows)

I do a personal laundry at least every two weeks - more often in summer. I like to wear a cami everyday no matter the season - warmth in winter and lounging/sleeping in summer. My current camis are from Nordstrom. I love them as they are cotton-rich, have adjustable straps and cute colours. Unfortunately, Nordstrom no longer offers these camis in all the delicious colours, so I’m babying the ones I have (most are 2+ years old and a couple are older than that). Fortunately they wear like iron, going in the washer and dryer frequently.

I’ve currently given up on underwires which makes my bra buying so much cheaper! I do have a couple of bras that are past their prime in terms of looks but not function. They’ll probably be the first of my basics to get a replacement this year.

During our fall edit challenge, I got rid of some knit leggings that I no longer wore for lounging, now preferring sweatpants as we are keeping our house colder. The leggings were 4 years old.

I’ve starting using Finds to track my purchases, including in the notes when I bought an item and how much I paid. I hope this is ok!