I bought some Instagram-trendy basics this year and thought I'd share my review. I've had Arq on my radar for a while; they started out making beautiful organic cotton basics for babies and kids, and have recently expanded into adult sizes. DS already had a couple sets of their absolutely gorgeous kids' briefs and undershirts, and I'd been wanting a set for myself for a long time. I got a promo code through some blog or IG account (can't remember whose), so I placed an order for a wide strap bralette and a pair of high rise briefs. I hemmed and hawed over colour because they're all so yummy, but ended up sticking with black for my trial run, since I always feel like myself in black underpinnings. I went with the larger of my two possible sizes, which is my usual approach to underwear shopping. The fit is absolutely spot-on -- not too tight, not too loose.

The high-rise briefs do indeed look like an intimidating amount of fabric right out of the package, but are ridiculously comfortable to wear. The cotton is pretty substantial, so they're not my first choice under thin/skinny bottoms, but are great under loose-fitting high rise trousers and jeans, which accounts for most of what I wear these days. DH's response was along the lines of, "What the heck are those?" He came of age in the early '00s and his thinking has never evolved past, "the lower the rise, the better." I told him with that kind of attitude, I might just replace everything in my underwear drawer (my natural tendency is rebellion ). The bralette fits like magic and is a study in good design -- simple and perfect (for me at least -- according to most fittings I'm a 32B or 30C, and all I ask of bras is that I forget I have one on). I don't usually like wider straps, but these don't bother me at all.

My only gripe about these two pieces is that they have sewn-in tags. In this day and age, I expect a printed-on tag, or the type sewn in with a single stitch at the corners so it's easy to cut out. I really hope Arq will tweak this aspect of the design. If they do, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase more in the future. This is one category where I like to buy organic or recycled cotton if possible, as it's something I'm not inclined to source secondhand (though there is definitely a secondhand market for Arq). The price tag is high, but they are so sturdy and well-made I know I'll be wearing them for years to come.

Last thought: I would also love to see Arq release these same styles in a swimsuit fabric, because I would wear this silhouette to the beach in a heartbeat. The high-rise swim bottoms I've tried on from various brands have been disappointing and not flattering. Hackwith Design House's swim separates are pretty close to what I'm dreaming of, and I'm sitting on my hands not to try them this summer because they're pricey and I *really* can't justify more swimwear anyway.