I was a bit annoyed when I heard the term Barbiecore being applied to dressing in bright pink, because I love the colour and felt that the Barbiecore trend may ruin the colour for me.

Luckily that has not happened since I came upon what has been a highly elusive wardrobe item (HEWI) - a pink sundress. I went totally maximal on wearing it to a friend's rather late Chinese New Year party with some former work colleagues and enjoyed the fun and vibrance of this crazy colour. I only knew a few people at the party but found my outfit made it easy to socialise for two reasons:

  • I feel energised and happy when wearing bright colours; and
  • People often find me more approachable when I am dressed like this, with my outfit often being an initial topic of conversation.

Maybe Barbie was onto something because I had a fun time at the party.

Dress: Devotion
Scarf: Moschino teddy scarf
Bag: NEW! Metallic Bao Bao that DH bought for my January birthday Belt - Gucci
Boots - about 5 years old - but I have been wearing them often this summer.