I ordered three knit tops and one pair of pants from Banana Republic.

I am keeping the navy and fuchsia knit tops. They are a nice weight, perfectly shaped and fitting. They are silk with a touch of cashmere. I have the slightest fear that the addition of cashmere might make this top too warm for me to wear during Summer months.

I am returning the stripe (colors too warm). I thought I was ordering the linen stripe shown below, but evidentially I ordered the silk. If at all possible, I am going to exchange it at the store for the linen (cooler colors).

The pants fit ... perhaps a bit too long by Angie's standards. I really want to add this color to my wardrobe so I have to make sure I don't compromise myself. I have the slightest misgiving about sitting in them all day long. I am going to put them on and watch some TV this evening. IF they are comfortable, I'm keeping them as well.

If you ignore the accidental ordering of the the stripe sweater, this was an extremely successful order.