Remember my beautiful Anthro purchases that were on their way to me at mega clearance prices? I was SO happy when everything went through, I got my confirmation email, and I even got my shipping email!!

Then a day later ... BTW, yo, we're totally out of item A, B and C. We are oversold!!! GAH! It's not like I can go into my local Anthro and buy things - there is literally nothing left in my size, even if I want to buy it at full price. It makes me a little angry, that even though I have to pay very high shipping costs ($20+) that they still oversell... I guess it's better for their bottom line if they never have to ship up to the Cold Arctic North.


But I have decided to embark on a new project! I am carving out a new section of my wardrobe to be the skirt section - eventually, hopefully full of tops and skirts that can play well together! - Currently; I only have five skirts that are going in and out of rotation that have survived the cull, although hopefully some are on their way to me. I hope to have about 30 pieces in that section eventually... we'll see.

In the meantime, I have put my funds towards supporting a Canadian establishment during their Friends & Family event (Rickis) - and we'll see how things are like when they come

It's gonna be my very first lace skirt (3) - and my very first shirt with shine (4) and my very first 3" pair of pumps! (5) - the pumps I got for a steal; $30 (regular $80) from Le Chateau. The sales lady swore she wore them to work, and they are comfy (and she stands all day!) There was a minor scuff that I fixed with a grey sharpie and a touch of clear nail polish Presto!

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