When I was updating my accessories earlier this spring, I was hell bent on finding a silver bag to carry me through the season. I'm not keen on changing my bags multiple times a week, though some variety is good, so this hypothetical silver piece would see regular service.
I checked out Banana Republic, saw a style I loved in blush, then was told they had the same version in silver available online (see below). Obviously I zipped right home and ordered it. :p
But then, not 24 hours later, I saw the Coach Prince Street Satchell in rose gold and fell hopelessly in love (it's below too). It obviously picked up on my amorous vibes and followed me home.
Now the BR envelope clutch has arrived...and I think I love it too. I can see it being a great alternative, and I suspect it has a bit of a dressier vibe than the satchell? Or not?
What would you do if you were me? Keep Coach, embrace Banana Republic, or make room in your heart/closet/wallet for both?
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