Here's the result of the holding zone- for now. There are a few items not photographed yet.

The floral skirt went to my friend. It fit her and she's happy with it

Pants- these orange ones + the teal and beige from before are staying for now. The black ones were stained- so out.

Shorts- cycling shorts (not pictured) too small, too short, and rises too low. Will be getting another new pair, so will be donated when that happens.

Bikini- (not pictured) but it's rust and color makes me happy. Top is 34B there may not be a snowballs chance of fitting again (Janet made me sad, though I should be 5 years away from "the change"). Stays for now, maybe I can find a different top.

Tops-all these are too tight right now (see above...), there's also a sleeveless pleather top in there that's good for Faire and such. Wish the pretty ombre one had a narrower and shallower v, but it's so pretty!

Also, a sack of too low for my present comfort knickers and 2 nice bras. Some of my too tight sports bras will join them, if a recent order works out.
Next up...battle of the sports bras....