Some of you remember that I was looking for a maid of honor dress for a small August wedding.
Due to some extraneous life factors I wasn't able to order that Rebecca Minkoff dress in time and my size sold out.
The bride is seriously considering an outdoor venue now and is also looking at full length dresses as well as midis. I'm helping her go shopping tomorrow and she has some dresses ordered.
I probably should hold off on buying my dress till she gets her sorted. But all the spring/summer stuff is on sale now, and seems to be selling out fast.
I've been looking at all the big sites. Last weekend during the forum meet in Seattle, we tromped all over town and there was pretty much nothing. I have my favorite consignment store keeping an eye out for me.
I keep coming back to this dress. But it's a lot than I want to spend, but it doesn't look really expensive.