This post is kind of a rant. My weight has been fluctuating again and I am not in a happy place with my wardrobe - many items don’t fit me correctly any more but I don’t want to buy any new clothes until I am sure that this is my size now. Learned this hard way from experience. So I am trying to make do with what I have, and I am thinking of investing in basics. I need something to make me feel better in my ill fitting clothes. That means updating bras and underwear, change haircut and get a new glasses. So I have a few questions for you. Does anyone have experience with keratin treatment? Is it worth it? What color glasses should I get next, my current ones are neutral brown, so maybe something more statmenty? Any other ideas what to do while waiting for my weight to stabilize? Shoes would be good idea, but now very difficult because of custom orthotics. I have enough accessories and don’t wear much jewelry. Having kind of a grumpy day, need some distraction.