Hi Everyone! I'm wondering what you ladies with low hips (non-shelf hips) wear for pants to flatter your legs.

I'm 5'5", with a hybrid IT/Hourglass body shape. I have muscular legs and low hips, which means it's very easy for my legs to look short and blocky. I also have a smaller frame (2-4 in tops, 00-0 in bottoms), so I prefer a streamlined look to a loose one.

(Photos: https://imgur.com/GgBOBpE and https://imgur.com/P7CfD0T)

I mostly stick to dresses, skirts, and skinny pants, but I'd like to expand my wardrobe with more pant styles.

What pants styles can I wear that won't make my legs look like tree stumps? Also, what brands do you love?